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We are la petite manufacturer of exclusively native stunning beauty in Rose Valley Bulgaria. Every compound in our nature has its own very unique and exclusive properties. We just have to define them. That is our immense strenght as cosmetics manufacturer. Being the most highly concentrated beauty jewel out there is requiring an extremely challenging and creative work. We carefully gather in our products the blessing of the wildlife gifts of our Mother Earth and introduce them to our kind customers in the magnificent beauty of their purest and most intensive form. All our products beig one hundred percent raw, native and living. We add nothing beside the habitual prime. We only carefully select our own premier; compose it, gradually, under the brilliance of the sun itself, in order to bring straight from the wilderness into the real world the most extraterrestrial products ever.

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Our partners benefit from: Products that all customers fall in love with at first sight and never abandon All the customers touched our products, stay loyal forever Unique, stunning package design and presence only in glass, as the glass is the only material, which do not interact with contain inside Certificate from the oldest vegan association in the world Vegan Society UK Preferable and customized prices for each partner High motivated profit margin Marketing support in any aspect from the marketing strategy Flexible price strategy Contact us: +359887163966 wats up and viber

  • village of Prolom 4358, Rose Valley, Karlovo municipaity, Bulgaria

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